The Apad iRobot is a 7″ smart tablet delivering a refreshing experience of the internet and multimedia consumption to the masses around the world, powered by Google Android inside.
Apad iRobot是一款由谷歌Android系统驱动,让到世界大众都能够体验互联网和多媒体,的7寸智能平板计算机。

Hardware specifications for the Rockchip based Apad iRobot Android Tablet, Batch 2:

  • CPU: RK2808a Chipset (ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP @ 550 MHz dual-core)
  • Operating System: Android 1.5
  • Supported Languages: English, Chinese, others
  • Display: 800×480 7″ LCD
  • Input: Resistive single point touchscreen
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • Camera: .3 Megapixel camera (extrapolated to 1.3 Megapixels)
  • Audio input: built-in microphone
  • Audio output: 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
  • Networking: 802.11 Wireless b/g
  • Peripheral Support: USB HOST (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, more untested)
  • Battery: 3000 mAH, 2 hours continuous use wifi on, 4 hours reading time wifi off
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • ROM: 2 GB (optionally 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB)
  • Expansion memory: Transflash (microSD) up to 16 GB
  • Supported video formats: MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2 up to 720p
  • Supported audio formats: MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV
  • Supported picture formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Dimensions: 190.5 x 118.5 x 14.7 mm
  • Weight: 332 g (iRobot plastic shell. The iRobot M is a little heavier)

瑞芯微电子Apad iRobot Android 平板, 第2批硬件规格:

  • 处理器: RK2808a 芯片组(ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP 双核 @550MHz)
  • 操作系统: Android 1.5
  • 支持语言: 中文, 英文, 其它
  • 显示: 800×480 7寸 液晶显示
  • 输入设备: 单点电阻触摸接口
  • 传感器: 加速器
  • 摄像: 30萬像素宽摄像机 插值130萬像
  • 音频输入: 内置麦克风
  • 音频输出: 3.5毫米插孔, 内置扬声器
  • 网络连接: 802.11 无线WIFI b/g
  • 外围设备支持: 经外部接线 USB HOST (滑鼠, 键盘, USB记忆棒, 预选3G棒, 其他)
  • 电池: 3000 mAH, 開wifi時間 2個半小時 關wifi 看書時間4個半小時
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • 储存记忆体: 2 GB 快闪 (还有4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB可选)
  • 扩展内存: Transflash (microSD) 支援至16 GB
  • 支持视频格式: MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2 可达720p多格式视频解码
  • 支持音频格式: MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV
  • 支持图片格式: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • 尺寸: 190.5 x 118.5 x 14.7 mm
  • 重量: 332 g (iRobot塑料外壳。iRobot M比较重点)

Device layout:

2.1: Front Face
2.2: Menu / Home buttons
2.3: Front Camera
2.4: Power button
2.5: Charge Indicator light
2.6: Microphone
2.7: MicroSD/Transflash slot
2.8: USB socket-1
2.9: ON/OFF button
3.0: USB socket-2
3.1: 3.5 mm audio out
3.2: DC power in

2.7:MicroSD / TransFlash插槽

Comments: 具体硬件配置:
Rockchip Apad 是采用的 瑞芯微电子Rockchip RK2808a方案 MID
Android (安致)系统 1.5
1、 CPU 采用瑞芯微RK2808a高端主控芯片,这是国内唯一采用65nm工艺生产的ARM9加DSP核心主控。主频达到了600MHz,而且支持720P多格式视频解码。有人就爱问速度怎样? 可以告诉你arm9 本身速度就这样,但是搭配专用模块,这小东西流畅看720视频。你可以像电脑多核一样理解,RK2808a 不是单核arm9。

2、配置了独立音频芯片,音质比较出色。这是指带3.5mm耳机的声音 ,那是震撼啊。 但是第一批 外放声音比猫叫还小。

3、采用7寸800×480 屏。很多买家说这产品 你要把他当成大号MP4,那是相当不错,非常满足。又能wifi上网 ,看电子书,又能聊天QQ ,还能打游戏,看优酷,土豆。这要拿这个office编辑办公 那不是找罪么?

如果你真想用3G上网 ,这有解决方案,买个3G路由器。wifi可以与pc共享文件夹,在网上邻居可以访问。需要手动设置一下IP。

7、内置3000mAh容量电池。这批就用2小时吧 以后电池容量会加大的。目标是5小时,给个时间表就是10月份。

8 外壳是塑料的 。背面有白色 银色 黑色。说是有摄像头 不过像素很低。

The Rockchip Apad is a MID based on the Rockchip electronics RK2808a platform.

1. CPU uses the Rockchip RK2808a chipset. This is the only 65nm ARM9 plus DSP core currently made in China. The CPU runs at a frequency of 600 MHz, and supports hardware acceleated 720p playback in various formats.

Some people would ask: how’s the speed of these things?
We can tell you that using ARM 9 with the right blend of applications and platform makes it comparable for use on any PC, even though ARM9 by itself is not that powerful. This thing can even do 720p video. Just as with multi-core CPUs, the RK2808a is not just any single-core processor.

2. Using an independent audio chipset, the audio quality is good, particularily through the 3.5 mm jack. However note that the first production patch had a very quiet external speaker that is now resolved.

3. Uses a 7″ 800×4800 display. Many Chinese customers who have purchased this device say that this is essentially a large-format MP4 player, and are very satisfied with the results. You can go online via wifi, read ebooks, go on instant messaging via QQ, play games, watch Youku (Youtube Chinese equivalent), Todou (another social video site with other features). If we take this thing to work, we are going to have too much fun!

4. Uses a resistive single point screen. We know that this isn’t as good as what Apple has right now, but we had to make adjustments to achieve our desired price point.

5. Has a built-in accelerometer and TransFlash (micro-SD) memory expansion up to 16 GB. Typically 4 GB should be enough for most users. The memory expansion card is very important, as applications installs and other uses are through the memory card.

6. Internal wifi component, supporting connecting to the internet via wifi. There are plans to for bluetooth and 3G connectivity support at a later date.

7. Built in 3000mAh capacity battery. Current batch has about 2 hour battery life with wifi enabled,and around 4 hours with wifi disabled. The battery capacity is projected to increase with a target of 5 hours connected to wifi for the production batches coming in October.

8. The outer shell is plastic. The backing can be ordered as either white, black, or silver. While there is a built in camera, the resolution is quite low at 1.3 megapixels extrapolated, 0.3 megapixels actual.

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  1. Bostwickenator 说道:

    Woot! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine. :D

  2. postbus31 说道:

    The memory expansion card is very important, as applications are installed onto the memory card.

    Don’t think that is correct. Apps are installed on the 128MB internal memory!

  3. Ronald 说道:

    Is this Rockchip Apad the same device as the moonse e7001?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      It would appear so, but as we only manufacture the device we cannot keep an exact tracking on the authenticity of the many suppliers of our products. However some of the specifications on that particular webpage are not accurate. We can only advise that you do your research and find a reliable source to purchase our product at your digression at this time. I’d like you to refer you to for a growing community for Android tablets, including our very own Rockchip variant.



  4. Kotomi 说道:

    While I understand the desire to meet a low price point, I think the American market would be willing to pay double the price if this device had:

    * capacitive touch panel
    * longer battery life
    * android 2.x pre-installed

  5. gurukos 说道:

    @chip3c help! I broke my touch panel and can’t find a spare part… Can you please give me some info, where to find…?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Contact our Gmail directly for problems like this for now. Please ask questions in simple English so we can assist you better.

  6. Edwin C. 说道:

    I can’t seem to get my webcam for video chat. Are there any applications that you can provide for us for video chatting?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Compatibility for the camera is something we are currently working on. However, the hardware is physically there and will improve with our firmware updates.

  7. Sam 说道:

    thinking of buying a lot of 10 of these units what sort of warrenty do they have?

  8. kuki 说道:


  9. James 说道:

    A word of advice to anyone outside North America who buys one. I bought the Moonse tablet a couple of weeks ago. It arrived with am American plug and only a small charge left in the device. I didn’t have an adaptor to hand, so instead of waiting until I got home and charging it with my multi-volt adaptor, I looked around the office and used the plug for an external hard drive without checking it properly. Unfortuantely the plug was 12v while the device was 5v, and while I didn’t have it plugged in for more than 15-20 seconds, it was enough to fry the device. Let me stress that this was my own fault, not the manufacturers, for not checking the details closely enough. However, be careful and use the right tools, because things can go wrong all too easily. The big shame is that the minute or two that I was able to play with the device were very promising, and I was looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.

    • chip3c 说道:

      The bad news saddened me. We are happy that you enjoyed our device while you had it. I hope you continue to give our products a chance and support us.

  10. Please attention 说道:

    Hi all

    I’m in trouble … fell to the ground APAD (MD01-V2.0 motherboard) .. and broke the glass of the touch screen.

    cabbage .. It is new, it came to me four days ago! and now it is unusable.
    I’m just unlucky!

    You sell this replacement parts (DIGITIZER TOUCH SCREEN BROKEN part AP342CA) ? .. or visit the factory?

    what it might cost?

    I’m sure someone can help me, I now still also inform on Asian sites

    any advice would be appreciated

    Many thanks in advance

    A good day

    • chip3c 说道:


      Our 7″ lcd panels are now in short supply. I’m sorry to hear that. When it is back in stock, you could buy it from . Or just send us an email anyway. Good luck!

  11. JSeb 说道:

    Hi, I have an Apad, but seems to be the first batch, do you have an update file (.img) for it ?

  12. FirstKnight 说道:

    I read that there is a bluetooth and 3g connectivity coming. When would that be?

    2 hours of usage is not up to my usage. I am looking at what you have mentioned 5 hours to 8 hours if possible. You mentioned it will be out in October. Is there an increase battery capacity or some software tweaking?

    I was wondering, would there be increase of internal storage from 2GB to possibly 4 / 8 GB?

    Really interested in this if the above is present…

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      About internal storage, not at the moment, but you can use a microSD card or connect to more storage via the USB breakout cable. We believe that the provided flash memory is sufficient for most needs.

      We have gotten some 3G modules to work via USB. Internal integration of either component bluetooth or 3G is not going to happen for a while.

  13. ryan widi 说道:

    Hello i have one the iRobot apad. Its great, better than the Eken M001, can play video properly. To bad my apad touchscreen is really bad, i buy 2 and only 1 have bad touchscreen. The touchscreen is dead now, and i use USB Mouse. Can i buy the touchscreen spare part :D , snce i have open this stuff and see that the touchscreen is easy to put.

    Downloading the new update now, i hope i can update without touchscreen.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      I’m not sure if I’d recommend trying to update it. Email chip3c at his Gmail and he would know more about it. The firmware update requires you to perform a touchscreen calibration before you can return to the Android home screen, which may be an issue.

    • ryan widi 说道:

      Ok, i will not update now. I want to update because i hope you have fix the orientation issue, that make me cannot play the FarmFrenzyLite and other games properly (orientation switched to portrait, i have test on EKEN M001, the game work fine in landscape mode).

      Thank you
      (i have send email too )

  14. apad 说道:

    Hi chip3c

    do you know if the device on dx is yours with a rockchip in it ? i’d like to order it but only if this is faster than the m001 i currently own, thanks !

  15. balpeter 说道:

    Hi chip3c,

    I have found a lot of Android Tablet PC on Ebay. I have read a lot of about EKEN M001 but I think that level of performance is not enough for me. I have seen some 1.2 and 1.1Ghz models on Ebay. I would like to know that if these are your products. I am enclosing a link about some of them:
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Sorry, but we haven’t been putting our products on ebay by ourselves so we can’t tell you what these sellers have. We can’t keep track of every seller on ebay.

      What you can do is perhaps contact the supplier to see if their specifications match ours. Hope that helps.

  16. chingy1788 说道:

    Hi, will Android 1.6 or later come to this device?

    Also when will the kernel source be released, so if you guys dont make a Android 1.6+ update, the community can…


    • chip3c_english 说道:

      We are aware of what the kernel source does for the community. But we can’t provide it yet.

      Sorry about the inconvenience.

  17. Hawkey 说道:

    Looks really good so far (~ really the best affordable tablet I know) :)

    I’d like to get one, the only thing that stops me so far was the RAM (~ just 128 MB) and the batterie (~ 2-3h). Would be great if you plan an enhanced version soon. Moreover it would be awesome if it could be “black” like the ones shown here: – the silver and white ones reminds me at “shiny apple crap” – which we don’t need…
    [~ guess the black ones are the former prototypes]

    Keep going your work :D

    PS: Did I really read Android 2.1 Update in July OO / nice improvement compared to other tablets xD

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Actually, the link you posted aren’t our products at all. Those are based on the VIA WM8505 chipset, and ours is based on the Rockchip RK2808. There are significant cost and performance differences between the platform. Check out our article on identifying chipsets for more info.

  18. Tablet Store 说道:

    Buy it at Worldwide shipping!

  19. Thorsten 说道:

    I’ve got a batch 2 device a couple of days ago, and I’ve noticed that it only charges via the dedicated charger connection and not via USB. Is that as-designed?

    Also, of the 2 USB connectors, only the lower one is working when connecting (as client) to a PC. Is the upper one always in host mode, independent of the setting?

    Last but not least, I have a USB Bluetooth dongle (USB\VID_1131&PID_1001 Win7 recognizes it as “Generic Bluetooth Adapter” using the default bthusb.sys). Is there any possibility that support for such usb bluetooth dongle could be added in a future firmware update?

  20. WallyWilly 说道:

    Hello. My Apad seems to be from the first batch. I beg you to consider a firmware update for this device. I see all the firmware updates and custom firmware for batch 2 but nothing for us who were the first to get this device and support you so you can build a better one… Please, at least fix a couple of bugs like the constant reseting for no reason… Don’t leave us behind.


    • chip3c_english 说道:

      That’s one of the reasons we had a second batch in the first place :/

      We can’t really restrict our products from being shipped overseas…

  21. Josh Neal 说道:

    I’m looking at getting one of these sometime soon, but just sitting back at the moment. Im in Beijing, does anyone know where I can see and try one of these before I buy it.

    Also, is the camera 3Megapixel or .3 Megapixel? The specs at the top say 3M but in the comments it says 160px wide..

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      If you are local, go to our Taobao site we’ve linked to. We can get you local pricing. For what we know we put in a 3 megapixel camera.

    • Josh Neal 说道:

      So if its a 3Megapixel camera can you explain what this comment is referring to?

      >”While there is a built in camera, the resolution is quite low at 120 pixels wide.”

  22. abeltcb 说道:

    how to check apad with rockchip 2808 with DSP?
    I check it said rockchip 2808 BogoMIPS 299 but how about DSP?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      The best way to check right now is to confirm with our pictures and videos of the device. Otherwise try contacting the people you brought it from. Thanks.

  23. Josh Neal 说道:

    Does anyone know of any PHYSICAL stores in Beijing that I can see one of these?

  24. abeltcb 说道:

    There are lot of apad on the web with different name.
    in order for us to check if is the same as your.

    Is good if you can do a screen dump of your iRobot “about MID” info.
    when we buy we can check the “about MID” info again your.

  25. abeltcb 说道:

    my cpu is ARM926Ej-S rev 5 (v5l) is this the same?
    I hope you can do a screen dump of your iRobot “about MID” for my reference.
    if not convenience, you can email me the info.
    I need to comfirm my apad, if is not iRobot , I can return to seller for refund.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Please listen and just look at the casing. What’s inside the operating system doesn’t determine what your device is for certain.

  26. chip3c_english 说道:

    Sorry people. The camera is .3 megapixel. This time it’s right. It was right on the Chinese page all this time.

  27. QooQoo 说道:

    I connected my aPad to a 3G modem from Huawei but couldn’t get it working. Is there anything I need to do in order to let my aPad reconize the 3G modem ? Thanks.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Those aren’t very clear pictures you took there. We have provided a lot of materials to guide you with this already.

  28. Sad_Batch1 说道:

    I’m one of the sad customers who bought Batch 1 APAD with Android 1.5.

    Please, please also try to release an update for Batch 1!


  29. Goro 说道:

    I just got my aPad Friday and loved it. But while watching video on my aPad Saturday, it went black and became brick.
    I tried holding the power button, toggling the power switch on/off, connecting to PC with USB while holding menu button, charging the battery to full. And all other button combo I could think of. But it hasn’t come back yet.
    Is there a way to force- reset the hardware? Or I should just return it for repair/replace? I am so sad because I was beginning to like this device.


  30. ulysses 说道:

    Hi, i bought an Apad model MX007 from Maixin (Shenzhen, China). i did something — i reset the Apad. Now all the pre-loaded apps are gone. After the reset, the touch screen calibration came out, so i touched the “+” as it moved. At the last touch –> touch screen calibration failed. There are only 3 icons displayed on the screen — “Contacts”, “Browser”, and “Maps”. When i touch the screen, nothing happens, Only the “home” icon on the top left of the screen will blink orange. No matter where i touch the screen, only the home icon blinks orange. Did i destroy my Apad? Can it be fixed? Anyone out there, please help. Thanks

    • dave 说道:

      Did you find out how to fix your Apad aas mine has done the same thing

  31. Robert 说道:

    I’d just like to say that I have this device and it works like a charm, it’s very fun to play with and it hits the right price point. I updated the firmware as displayed on and have had no issues at all. I even went and loaded a custom firmware from and it’s working perfectly.

    I can’t wait for the update to Android 2.1 to come out next month!!

    • dave leeds 说道:

      This alone has gave me confidence after hearing slit of bad story and from my seller on eBay could not promise me a working model.

  32. Cerisaie 说道:

    Can you confirm this link please ? is it the real thing ?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Refer to FAQ. Thanks.

    • Cerisaie 说道:

      Yes i already check the F.A.Q but they are talkin about another sku from DX but anyway i never receive my order out of stock now so i ‘m in the way for canceling an buy from you via Wholesales : AliExpress

  33. xaueious 说道:

    I’ve a feeling the battery capacity is wrong at 3000 mah, but it doesn’t really matter I guess.

  34. newpersonaru 说道:

    Why is there no built-in bluetooth and 3G?
    How to change backgrounds on the screen if the photo is a certain amount of square.
    What’s all the same camera is 0,3 or 1,3?
    Will the 3G in Russia?
    The official website of android already have the new firmware 2.2. This is firmware for the phones?
    Why the switch tongue is English only keyboard? How to type in Russian in the search engines, if there are only 2 languages?
    Judging by the presence of free space in the shell, do not be put back slot for sim cards and bluetooth?

    • xaueious 说道:

      I think you might have to install a keyboard like this one:

    • JJ 说道:

      Because it’s supposed to be a low cost device. It’s also been designed for the Chinese market so the fact it supports English is probably only due to Android itself. As for later Android releases the device has relatively low specs (to keep the cost down) so probably won’t be able to run anything designed for it that doesn’t already run on earlier versions.

  35. Pavel 说道:

    I have trouble with Apad (v1) after 2 week of use it. =(
    i got my apad 2 weeks ago, and all work good.
    Yesterday I have put it on charge. today morning have 100% battery.
    Apad power on. i took it and apad turn off, i press “home” button, he boot again, i move it and apad turn off again, and turn off anytime when i move apad.
    But! if i connect apad to PC (via 2 USB slot) all work good (i can сompletely to use it, move, shake, run apps).

    sorry for my english.
    PS i use full reset to factory defaults- there is no result

  36. Phil 说道:

    Ebay sellers using drop shipping method.. its the luck of the draw what you get.. I think I got a used one, as it didn’t come with a protective plastic on it, and had a weird android version on it, 1.7.2a from memory, and it displayed “for demo purpose only”. It was the MID 70003, could play music and surf the web, but couldn’t play any format of video..
    Awaiting Paypal to finalise claim for Ebay seller not sending what was advertise.. Eager to get an Apad with RK2808 Chipset (ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP @ 550 MHz dual-core). I cant find a link for this site to get one… is there a link, in english?

  37. Mark 说道:

    I bought mine in Shenzhen and it worked fine until the battery completely drained. Now it only works when the charger is plugged in and it shows the little battery icon charging at the top and says it’s at 16%, but this doesn’t change. When i pull out the power cable, the unit dies. I’ve restored to factory settings and upgraded firmware but no change.
    Any thoughts of what this could be? It’s a Batch 2.

  38. Anthony 说道:

    I am looking to purchase the 2.0 version of the device – not the OS but the unit itself from what I understand is version 2.0.

    Please confirm this is the latest unit you develop and sell as from what I have read there is only one manufacturer/retailer/wholeseller/etc. in China selling the unit I am seeking with the RK2808 chip.

    Also, please confirm the link above to is your “official” International store for sale to US customers. I am interested in purchasing within the next 2-4 days.

  39. [...] specifications: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← [...]

  40. Alejandro M. 说道:

    Is this a third flavour of your device or the first (improved, has hdmi) clone of yours?

  41. Omantha 说道:

    can i connect a 3G external modem to the apad and use the internet?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      We only support this feature for customers in China right now because it is limited to specific models of USB 3G modems. Support is built in starting from the 0611 system firmware.

  42. Hawkey 说道:

    I just can recommend you MP4Nation ( – they finally got the aPad :)

    They are very realible (~ staying in the US + since 2006) and got the best price I know for the device (~ 155$ including shipping). Moreover they offer an additional 30 days warranty and shipping it with rogerbrauns custom Hybrid-Firmware ( :D

  43. paul olsen 说道:

    Does your unit fully support google android market. Not the app store

  44. Anthony 说道:


    First, I received my APAD via AliExpress on Alibaba and am not sure if there is a way to leave any type of feedback so I’ll just say it here – THANK YOU! Awesome device and great communication and shipping.

    Question – are there accessories available for the APAD which either you produce or are in partnership with another company? Primarily I am interested in another AC adapter and possibly a DC adapter for my car.

  45. Siraj 说道:

    I have received irobot apad recently in Riyadh Saudi Arabia i am using Mobily 3G modem on it but it could’t work could u pls. tell me how can i use 3G

  46. FirstApple 说道:


    I just bought this device 3 days ago. I get the all black color. I can say the hardware quality is good compared to other china brand MID. I also bought the Flytouch. I have notice that you need to use your fingernail tip in order to navigate the touch screen accurately. I use my DSi stylus and it made the trick.

    When we can get the 1.6 firmware update?

  47. Alfi 说道:

    Where can i buy this Apad?
    I’m in the beijing right now..
    Thank you..

  48. FirstApple 说道:

    Alfi – luckily I am based in zhuhai and can go anytime to Shenzhen. You might try the taobao link on this page to get one.

    • Alfi 说道:

      can i trust that website to buy the apad?
      because it’s so many unoriginal apad in the market..

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      If you are scared, you could get it from us. Links are in the sidebar.

    • Alfi 说道:

      ok..i will try..i hope i can trust the link..but, is there any other store in Beijing that have the display of the original Apad?

  49. kdeba 说道:

    Hello Folks,

    browsing around I get different informations concerning MPEG-2 playback.

    Is this RK2808 platform able to decode 720×576 MPEG-2 video data on its DSP ?

    (yes, the display only got 480 lines, but I’m looking for a tablet w/o having to reencode my videos)

    Thanx in advance !

  50. Hakaider 说道:

    My RK2808 aPad is displaying a 720p video downloaded from Youtube just fine:

    Java 4-ever trailer ( )

    Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 125Kbps [(C) 2007 Google Inc. v08.13.2007.]
    Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 24.99fps [(C) 2007 Google Inc. v08.13.2007.]

    downloaded via keepvid.

  51. pp 说道:

    Is it possible hook up to external 3G modem? If possible where to buy the 3g modem? Thanks

  52. Anthony 说道:

    are there accessories available for the APAD which either you produce or are in partnership with another company? Primarily I am interested in another AC adapter and possibly a DC adapter for my car.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      You can probably find a generic charger. We do sell accessories for our Apad iRobot, but shipping fees are what stop us from exporting those items.

  53. Greg_House 说道:

    Hi, i just buy one of this apad ( the rigth one, with the red led, and all the spec that you guys puts here) i’m having troubles with the USB socket-2, the apad seems to bring energy to the device but doesnt get any recognition of any usb device that i put there… so how i can solve this.? this could be a hardware failure? or i have to configure something on android?.. ( and yes i already use the opcion settings->usb mode select->hostmode) ..

    I have other question, how long the batery works using the wifi activation?. cause for me works just 1 hour or less using wifi, 3 hours o less not using the wifi activation

    thanks for your time and help that you could give to me.!

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Battery life depends greatly on your LCD brightness settings. Consider lowering it slightly for increased battery life.

      As for USB hosting, it doesn’t recognize all USB devices. Devices that do work include keyboards, USB flash drives, and mice. If the power requirements for your device are too high, they will not work. Your USB drive must also be formatted to FAT or FAT32.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      You should initialize the lithium battery in the Apad by charging it for a few hours after it’s full, then use it till it is low on battery, and full recharging it again. Repeat this a few times, and you will notice a significant increase in battery life.

  54. kdeba 说道:


    may i repeat my question concerning MPEG-2 playback ?

    Still thanx in advance

  55. Dan 说道:

    The charger that came with my apad is broken. Can you tell me what the Inner Diameter (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) of the plug on the stock charger? I want to buy a replacement charger and I want to make sure I get on that fits perfectly

  56. Carl 说道:

    Been using the 8g APAD with the red led for about 3days now. i researched the device since may 2010 before i submitted a purchase request. so far i have been quite satisfied with it’s performance. The video recording feature playback form the android menu crashed, don’t understand what that was all about, was just taking it for a spin. Couch surfing is a breeze now.

  57. russo 说道:

    Is it possible to make a Video Call with skype?

  58. Gpoznyi 说道:

    Поздравте меня я нашел то что искал, спасибо автору топика за доступное изложения материала.Жаль что в интернете всю труднее откопать что либо стоящее, правду говорят интернет большая помойка

  59. Jat 说道:

    My USB port will not allow the PC to detect the device when trying to flash the apad ( have followed your guide to the letter ). is it possible to flash the device by way of the SD card ??

    Also the wifi on this device turns on for about 10 seconds then swithces itself off even when next to the router.

  60. hhan123 说道:

    Any estimate date for 3G support to be out and what are the modems that will be supported?

  61. campacavallo 说道:

    hello i have an apad irobot red led with Rk-1.3.2.eng.root.20100517.163605 and 1.2.7 ruiguan kern 2.6.25..
    this pad have a 10 incs display and is without camera, then i think is batch 1..
    there is any update for this device? roms of rogerbraun works on 7 incs dev and batch 2.. with the firmware owned actually by device, rotation don’t works correctly and are other thinks won’t works correctly..

    there are any chaches? thanks a lot! bye

  62. Jat 说道:


    Is it possible to connect Apad to wired network by way of some sort of adapter plugged into the usb port ?????

    If so where can this be purchased. Wifi on my unit is poor.

  63. campacavallo 说道:

    hi is possible to obtain a original firmware of apad irobot 10″ red led?

  64. foo 说道:

    Hi. Two questions: my apad is just like the one in the picture, all the buttons and connectors are as described in the specs, but it has a clear metallic shell with no stickers or any text, information, or anything. It has a blue led. How can I make sure this is a batch 3?
    Second question, where can I download the source code for the kernel you guys are shipping? I need the tun module available to make this device really work for me.


  65. mloyer 说道:

    I have an apad rockchip model (red led) and I can’t connect anything via USB… no flash drive, no keyboard and no mouse… no sign of life at all… I turned on hosting in the settings menu but still nothing… I don’t even get a bad connection…

    Txs for the help… I want it to work

  66. Eric Notar 说道:

    It looks I have a batch 2 aluminium case iRobot aPad
    What is the latest firmware and where can I download,english please.
    Thanlk you

  67. Mark 说道:

    I purchased a Batch 2 a few months back when i was in Shenzhen and it never charged. It only works when plugged in to the wall. I asked, multiple times, for support and received no help. This was a waste of money and a waste of time. It’s Chinese built so don’t expect quality! Bottom line is you get what you pay for. Don’t ask questions about 3G and video conferencing. If you see the cheap components this thing has you will know this will never be possible…

    • JJ 说道:

      Did you know all that BEFORE you purchased it though? Seems many people didn’t or just plain ignore it, then cry about it when something goes wrong. I knew exactly what I was getting and the level (lack) of support I would receive if I had issues. Lucky for me mine still works.

  68. Ajay Rohera 说道:

    What is the difference between aluminum back and plastic back and which one is better? Also, is there an option for ’600 MHz + DSP @ 660 MHz dual-core’ instead of ’600 MHz + DSP @ 550 MHz dual-core’ as claimed by some of the sellers?

    • JJ 说道:

      The specs are the same for both plastic and aluminum shell. For the aluminum shell version the speaker was relocated to the side (there’s two grills but only one has a speaker in). The top buttons are two seperate buttons rather than the plastic shells single rocker. the screen of the AL version is held in by spring clips wheres the plastic shells screen is screwed in.

      All versions have the exact same processor/chipset. There is no option so the sellers plain and simply have it wrongly listed.

  69. wita 说道:

    How to install thai fonts into /system/fonts?

  70. Alma Gawron 说道:

    woot woot

  71. Dorian 说道:


    I have a irobot with the following Data:
    Modellnumber: sdkDemo
    Firmware: 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.25 Rockchip internal Test Version

    I have the problem, that I can not activat the WLAN. If I try to active it . it comes “active …” and than WLAN can not be startet.

    I already reseted the apad. Do anybody know a solution? Does exists an firmaware Update

    Thank´s for answer.


  72. campacavallo 说道:

    it’s possible to obtain a kernel source? i’ma a developer and i’m very interested to compile a custom kernel.
    I’m trying to obtain from archos7 kernel, released in gpl, but won’t work

  73. campacavallo 说道:

    ok and how i can obtain?

  74. Viper19ca 说道:

    I have the the batch 2 version. The battery typiclally lasts under 1 hour with WIFI on. It also drains extremely fast if the screen brightness is set to 100%, lasts much longer at 80% (althought this is not suitable in very bright conditions). I would like to replace the battery, what are the specifications for the battery in order to find a compatible replacement, that has a higher mAH rating? Alternatively I would like hardwire a second battery into the device. Can you provide pricing on this battery?

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  76. Johnetta Lauritzen 说道:

    cool weblog. Gave me a more effective idea of the particular financial system. With thanks friend

  77. William Higgins 说道:

    I have a apd that does not charge nor can i use the second usb port can i return it for repalcement?