We’ve had quite a few people asking us to do an unboxing video, so it is. This unboxing video emulates when you receive the product. This video was done in Chinese.
This is the new Apad iRobot M, which is the Apad iRobot with an aluminum alloy. The logo that you see on the back is made of plastic, where the wifi antenna is now placed to maintain good wifi reception despite the addition of the metallic casing.

This is the device with the standard factory packaging. Those of you with Apad iRobots may not have gotten the same accessories in the box. It includes: DC power adapter, two types of USB connector wires, and a USB charger. As the device is being changed with the USB, the display may flicker.

In this video, we also show off the gaming and ebook functions.

For more videos, visit our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/chip3c

这是Apad推出的铝合金外壳的机器,Apad iRobot M,背面采用铝合金材质,中间是塑料logo ,猜猜为什么是塑料? 没错他下面是WIFI天线。logo上面有层薄薄的膜,请不要再说是旧的了,因为太薄,的确有点脏。呵呵

机器出厂包装就是这样的,电源适配器,两种USB转接线,还有usb充电线,方便用笔记本的网友 ,用笔记本USB充电。USB充电的时候可能屏幕会闪。已经拥有Apad iRobot的朋友们可能发现他们随机装备和这些的有一些差异。


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