From now on, further firmware updates will be delivered in a ‘update.img’ pack. This requires the tool attached in this post. It requires you to find the file path of the desired update.img file, and then pressing the button to proceed.




Apad iRobot
male-USB to male-miniUSB cable
Windows 2000/XP 32bit/Vista 32bit/Vista 64 bit/7 32bit/7 64bit PC

Apad iRobot
Windows 2000/XP 32bit/Vista 32bit/Vista 64 bit/7 32bit/7 64bit 电脑

把Apad iRobot关了,随着把开关键推到on上。
按住Menu键,同时把miniUSB接口连接到Apad iRobot近3.5毫米耳机插孔。
现在你的电脑会检测到Apad iRobot。如果你没有安装过Apad iRobot的更新设备驱动程序,设备驱动程序档案在固件升级工具下载包的folder文件夹内。

Update Instructions
With the Apad iRobot turned off, put the side on-off switch in the off position, and back to the on position.
Connect the male-USB / male-miniUSB cable to your computer.
While holding the ‘Menu’ key, plug in the miniUSB side of the cable into the Apad iRobot’s miniUSB slot closest to the 3.5 mm headset jack.
Your computer will now detect your device. If you have not previously installed drivers for your device, they are located in the ‘Driver’ folder of the Firmware Update Tool in this post.
Perform the update as shown.
After your device is flashed successfully, your device will restart itself. After you complete the calibration, you will be returned to the Android system.





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  1. W!d 说道:

    When will the new update.img be available? What kernel and android version will it be?
    Really good to see that the product is being improved!

  2. ale.f76 说道:

    Hello, what version is this firmware? In it a new version in comparison to 2010.05.30?

  3. ale.f76 说道:

    We are all looking forward to android 2.2… do you have plans on availability?

  4. ieshi 说道:


  5. lemond 说道:

    Is it working on windows7?

  6. Infinidim 说道:

    I am looking for a Windows 7 version as well. Will the current Engkish version work on Windows 7?

  7. Dennys 说道:

    Are you working for a new version for Moonse M7001 with Windowns 7. and this? truth?

  8. tsoifun 说道:

    Where to find the update.img for the version without camera PLEASE?????????????????

  9. Troels Have Nielsen 说道:

    After updating to firmware 6.11 the touch screen will not work.
    I have tried to connect a usb mouse but can’t get the calibration to work. The device dosen’t react at all to the touch screen. What to do next ?

    Best regards

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Redownload the firmware again and reflash your device.

    • gordy 说道:

      Could you please post where i might be able to find the Blue led version firmware, or if you could tell me how to extract it and i will post it some where to be downloaded. i bought 2 apad 7 inch tablets blue led versions. so the untouched one has the original firmware i just dont know how to extract it.

      thank you


    • chip3c_english 说道:

      We don’t have the original firmware either. You could try the 0630 one we posted here at your own risk, but if your firmware works we recommend that you do not update it:

      There’s no easy way to extract the entire ROM right now

  10. abeltcb 说道:

    do you have the firmware 5.30 in image pack (.img)?

  11. philip sempers 说道:

    WE NEED ANDROID 2.2 – I have android iRobot with Rockchip DSP processor and 128mb ram. Lots of applications keep hanging and I have to force close them. It is mainly the web browser but opera mini 5 works perfectly. Will you please make android 2.2 a priority for this device. Also I cannot even find the update.IMG for the english 1.5 update as mine seems to have an earlier 1.5. I can see the software to update the device but cannot see the actual english firmware. Sort it out please I cannot sell aPad to english people with the firmware in its current state.

  12. clkeck 说道:

    Help! The driver install keeps failing! I’m following all instructions, but it just isn’t working!

  13. abeltcb 说道:

    After upgrade to 6.11, now I want to go back to 5.30.
    Do you have the 5.30 img?

  14. Jonnyroyale 说道:

    Do you have drivers for Windows 7 64bit? I am also waiting for the Android 2.1 img. Thanks

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      This works under Windows 7 64 bit

    • Robert H. 说道:

      I would like an updated image too since many apps are now only supported from Android 1.6 higher especially Amazon Kindle App and numerous Google Apps.

  15. Jonnyroyale 说道:

    Doesn’t seem to recognise the drivers when I attach the Apad….

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      You have to tell Windows where to find the drivers.

    • Jonnyroyale 说道:

      I have told Windows where to find the drivers. I am a Windows Professional. The device says it is an unknown device and has the correct drivers installed, but does not find the ipad. The devie is an Apad Irobot with Rockchip…

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      I’m not sure how to help you with that. Try to follow the video. If you still need help you might find better help with user communities like slatedroid.

    • Robert H. 说道:

      When will update from Android 1.5 to Android 1.6 or Android 2.1 be provided?

  16. nattygirl 说道:

    Same here… windows won’t install the drivers. Says the device has malfunctioned. Think i may have gotten a bad apad.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Either you don’t have our Apad iRobot, or you are having trouble during the device driver installation process.

    • nattygirl 说道:

      I’m am pretty sure I do have an apad. I purchased it from It matches all of your specs on how to identify whether or not is an apad. I was able to get windows to detect it now. It was an issue with the usb port. But I am still unable to flash it. The RKAndroidDM.exe will say player updating for like 45 min and then I will get an error. “Writing ID_BLOCK failed. Please re-plug device.” Got any idea as to what would cause this error and a solution to it?

  17. Sutrisno 说道:


    I downloaded the 6.11 update.img from ,and the file is corrupt, could you please provide me the english version of it? or please re-upload the 6.11 chinese version. Thanks.

    • Robert H. 说道:

      I have the same problem. When unpacking the zip file I receive a file corrupt error. I have tried to download from several different computers and numerous times with no success.

  18. Shahar 说道:


    can you add to your english pack of Apad font that are unicode to support any other languges
    like arabic or hebrew?

    I can send you the font it is just 1MB bigger than regular.


    can you post instructions how to unpack and repack system.img ?


  19. TheGizmoShop 说道:

    Yes having the same problem – can you upload again please?


  20. Simon 说道:

    Hi Everybody,

    I order to install the drivers to update the firmware when the “Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard” comes up:

    1. Select “No, not this time” when the wizard asks you; you will then be asked to tell it where the driver software is located:
    2. choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”; then
    3. a/ Check the checkbox “Include this location in the search”
    3. b/ Click the “Browse” button and goto the RkAndriod_ENG/CN directory that you extracted after downloading the above ZIP archive.
    3. c/ For me this is RkAndriod_ENG\Driver\x86\xp
    4. Once you have the path click ‘Next’ and windows should install the driver software.
    5. The Updater should now recognise the APad and you can proceed with the update.

    I have tried this and have updated my APad. The upgrade leaves it in an unusable state (when it boots up there is a white cross in the upper left corner. When you put it to sleep the display goes bright white instead of going dark and there is no touchpad input).

    I reccomend holding off until this has been fixed.

    Kind regards,

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Which file are you flashing?

    • Siraj 说道:

      Hi Simon,

      I am from INDIA working in Saudi Arabia i recently purchased apad irobot from china, could u pls. tell me how can i use my 3g modem since it could’t work while i am using my Mobily USB 3G connect modem

  21. Karlleopold 说道:


    Same thing as Simon describes above (2 posts up) happened to me during upgrade to the 6-11 firmware. I´m also
    stuck here. Still no usable idea at Slatedroid forums. Tried this with no successIs there a way to do a restore to factory settings through the recovery console? Any ideas would be much appreciated.
    Best Rgds

  22. ski 说道:

    I also got a white cross and a non working touchscreen

    i already did a reflash. But still get a non working touchscreen. Maybe you forgot to enable touchscreen in this firmware?

  23. Shahar 说道:

    for chip3c_english.

    I sent you the fonts.
    did you get them ?


  24. Jesse 说道:

    We just received your company’s batch 2 Apad yesterday. Fun little device. I checked your site and saw that an update was available.
    Followed all instructions, flashed perfectly.
    Caibration screen comes up, but touchscreen no longer works.
    Menu, power, and home button all work – I can see the system installed, but no touchscreen.
    Also, screen “sleeps” at pure white!
    We only had the Apad one day and now it is useless.
    How can we fix this, please?

  25. Karlleopold 说道:

    Could you provide a link to stock firmware for the apad or or at least drivers for touchscreen? Not so few have ended up with an unresponsive touchscreen after flashing a firmware update. As of now there isn´t any good ideas/suggestions at Slatedroid. My hunch is that it is something wrong with the touchscreen drivers in the firmware update (I flashed the 6-11 update) behind why we are stuck at calibration screen after update. I have full control over the device with Androidscreencast but the touchscreen is unresponsive. Reflashing with posted original and custom firmware doesn´t help.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Our hunch is that you probably got a Moonse built Apad. It sounds like your touchscreen because the connection might be loose.

      Which update did you flash?

  26. Karlleopold 说道:

    Thanks for the reply!
    I initially flashed the 6-11 update but since then I have tried the 5-30 and a couple of the custom firmwares available at I think it would be an unusual coincidence if this problem that occurs at firmware update procedure, is hardware related. Also there are a few others who describe the identical problem.
    My product is labeled iWeb on the box. Is there a way to tell if it is a Moonse product? I have access to the machine with Androidscreencast and it seems OK except for the touchscreen.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Your device got rebranded, so it’s hard to tell. If the touchscreen is not functional, the best way is to take it apart to ensure a good connection. That is not a very easy task though.

  27. Karlleopold 说道:

    Thought that I would give an update on my situation. After getting Androidscreencast to work, I could install a system info app from Androidmarket and found that my processor is an ARM926EJ-S rev 5 running at 299MHz, the VIA one if I understand it correctly. The eBayseller (wellphone.collection) claims to have sold the 600+600MHz processor, and the lesson learned here I think, is to look up your hardware configuration yourself before flashing any fw updates.
    My reason for flashing the device in the first place was that it was a bit sluggish and the reason for this turns out to be the slower processor!
    Do you know of a working firmware for the hardware config with the 300MHz processor?
    Sorry for taking up your time!

  28. keks 说道:

    Good afternoon. please make a video in which using a service application with the android market will see all the main characteristics apad:
    ram, type and frequency of the installed processor and so on.

  29. kekss 说道:

    Hello. please make a video in which using a service application with the android market will see all the main characteristics apad:
    ram, type and frequency of the installed processor and so on.

  30. Ale 说道:

    HI, I have already updated to 5.30 with the previous way.
    Now I have tried to update to 6.11 and once I plug the apad, windows does recognize it, but once I start the updating procedure, the apad disconnects suddenly and the firmware update stops at the beginning.

    What could I do?

    Thank you.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      0611 isn’t really for English customers. If the firmware update is stopping, check your cables and your connections. Make sure both the PC and the Apad are connected to stable power supplies.

  31. Edward 说道:

    Hope next version of Apad iRobot have…
    1Ghz CPU
    512 RAM
    2 USB port(mini usb)
    Mutil Touch screen
    Android 2.2 installed

  32. djonidep 说道:

    Can I make a backup firmware with all the drivers installed on my apad irobot

  33. djonidep 说道:

    Can I make a backup firmware with all the drivers installed on my apad irobot Care Program rkandroid dm1.2

  34. android_fan 说道:

    Is there any way to download firmware from working apad, so ican bring my other apad that stuck in calibration ?
    My apad is have blue light when charging and the top USB is used to connect to PC.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      If it’s stuck in calibration, you can dump the /data partition using tar and extract it onto your other Apad, but you need access to adb shell (Android debugging bridge)

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Not an Apad iRobot.

    • android_fan 说道:

      But the processor is correct, rockchip same using 1.5. And the apad flashing tools recognize that too. The box says irobot too.

      Please tell me how to ? i try to adb shell, but i get Error Device Not found. Lots of people with same model have same problem.

      Thank you very much

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      We don’t make an Apad with blue led. Something is definitely wrong with that. Can you upload pictures of your device somewhere? or somewhere. We want a look too.

    • gordy 说道:

      i have 2 of them 1 has the original firmware in it, if you can send me a link to where i might find out how to extract the firmware i can post it somewhere.
      I have also tried 17 versions of firmware and only 3 sort of work the others all come up with calibration screen and fade to white screen.

      i will also post which ones work in the Blue led version



  35. [...] これは、上記のダウンロードしたものでは、中国語のせいか、エラーになるので、 [...]

  36. Rahul Pandhe 说道:

    hi there,
    I got an apad from china. The wireless will not detect any network even after turning on Wifi. Wifi shuts off after turning on for 5 seconds.

    Can I flash it with your ROM?
    NOTE: Why i book my APAD it comes with TyTouch logo. When I bought it originally it was supposed to be iRobot version.
    It does not have any USB port but came with a USB/Ethernet connector adaptor.

    Please advise.

  37. agaff4 说道:

    Well looks like ive been very unlucky aswell :(
    while updating my firmware on an irobot i received that day i came across the problem with collaboration and it sleeps on a white screen
    and when it is charging it has a blue light not red
    please som1 come up with a solution
    otherwise what a waist of money

  38. spr 说道:

    i need to know how to make some changes to this firmware, how can i add some apps, remove some and add some files used to in android mobiles to support my language, do you have a link or some instructions for me to begin with? i am a c++ & c# programmer

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Customizing ROMs requires knowledge of Linux and basic knowledge of the Android operating system. To modify ROMs, you need to unpack the ROM, modify it, and reflash it onto the device.

    • spr 说道:

      I have a good knowledge of Linux, and android basics, i just need to know what tools or kitchen do you use to do the modifications, because i found some tools but it was for HTC ROMs and i don’t know if i can use it or there are better tools for the tablet ROMs

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      The platform is quite different, with the way the ROMs are packaged on the target.

  39. will 说道:

    I tried to upgrade, but it cant find any driver from my windows 7 64bit. Is this driver really work on windows 7 64bit?.

  40. Johny 说道:

    Hi please everyone stop with the misconceptions, Hiapad do not manufacture those devices they buy them in quantities and rebranded them and make all of us poor buyers believe that they made the device, I got 2 devices directly from there supposed store one was blue and one was red, to my knowledge blue and red are only colors, they could put blue leds, yellow led, orange led, all im saying is stop with the lying and tell the truth, My Red Apad keeps shutting down by itself, get a firmware to work and stop with the chinese lies, if you really manufacture them why you sell them higher than other sellers and they don’t work, this is clearly rebranded, stop making up stories and I want my tablet to work or give me my refund, liars

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      The blue LED one uses a new circuit board revision.
      About whether or not we actually make them, look up Li Xin’s profile on Alibaba.

  41. serrge 说道:

    I have problem for update new firmware in use RKAndroid v1.2,
    Program give me error ERROR:Test device failed,ErrCode(-2)
    But device is iRobot (red led,and webcam) and RockChip,
    pls help me.

  42. omer 说道:

    Hi!, my apad irobot crashed. When i started it went to black screen after big ANDROID word on the sceen. I tried all you said. I used Android explorer to restart it. it has a alternative to recover. Bu when i restart screen shows restart/restart with factory settings/etc.. and writes select with vol.button up and down. and top bottom writes “can’t read from E:\\cache\reset\…” some like that. So apad buttons doesn’t work that way. Any other way to recover?

  43. greenfrog 说道:

    This update.img is not in English, anyone know where the Englist version is downloadable?


  44. shellyinsc 说道:

    my apad keeps shutting down. i cant get past the menu screen

  45. John B 说道:

    is there any updates for the apad with VIA chipsets?

  46. xman 说道:

    试了这个工具,按照上面的办法,驱动安装正常,但是RKAndroid DM1.2提示“没有发现播放器”。这个怎么回事呢?怎么解决?

  47. ikops 说道:

    My miniUSB slot closest to the 3.5 mm headset jack dont work! I try in other port and RKAndroid still say “Player not found”, try in two PCs with WinXP and drivers installed. Anyone?

  48. beth 说道:

    what do i put into the new firmware information bit?

  49. JKPI 说道:

    Hi, I just imported a sample unit Apad and I am finding that the on board tutorial only speaks in Chinese, some of the keys are labeled in Chinese, there is no ROM/Programs to update for this unit. I sent an email to the factory rep and will post the information when I get it. The equipment is very good and the system is livable with all that. oh yea, the 1. Training video on unit is in Chinese and no way to change it.
    2. No upgrade for ROM/Programs
    3. No English ROM in Chinese only
    4. Not same as Android IRobot or any other Android application
    5. Debugging instructions not with the unit
    6. App Market in Chinese only
    7. DC store in Chinese only
    8. Some keypad in Chinese and can not change
    9. No other upgrade to Google programs works because ROM is Chinese only.

    If we can not change the languages on all applications nobody will want the unit if they can not change applications. . Your hardware is much better but the rest I say is very bad.

    You need to look at this video for fixing unit, we can not do this with your units.

    Please you tell me the Model Name?

    What Custom ROMS PROGRAMS to use ?

    How to make ROMS in English?

    Were is the Debugging Instructions?

    Thank you


    this unit starts up with TyTouch logo

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      You are looking at what is called the Gome Flytouch, based on the VIA WM8505. That’s not something we make. So we aren’t going to support that here. That should be enough info for you for now.

  50. Bill 说道:

    Succesfully upgraded the apad to the Rom as described; a few remarks/ troubles i encountered:

    - Finding the right UPDATE image file: there are several files available. I used the file on from chip3c. A link to this file:
    - I did the upgrade from a Win 7, 64 bit AMD machine; worked fine, only had to install the drivers manually
    - Language setting: before you start also look for the video on YT to see how you can switch to the right language; it starts in full Chinese.. ;-)
    - Google accounts were not working: i couldn’t log in with the google account after the update; had to reset everything back to factory settings, than it worked again.
    - Youtube was apparently missing in the img file and I was unable to find it in the Market. I finally found an APK that wouldn’t install from the device itself. I downloaded the APK file by computer, copied it to the SD card and installed it by using an seperate AppInstaller. Then it worked again.

    It was worth the trouble… The apad feels quicker and more responsive. The 16-9 background looks better.. Nice work (thnx chip3c!). Now waiting for the update to Android 2.1…. can’t wait! ;-)

    • simon 说道:

      Hey Bill – i just flashed back to fw 0530en and all is good apart from no youtube. where did you get th apk?


    Is there a program that can get this thing back to virgin status. I can’t seem to update this unit through the card method.
    The most recent flash just hangs on the digitizer portion of the program, the screen itself is non responsive, I reflashed it back to the previous version and it works fine………Help would be appreciated.

  52. pepete 说道:

    i got an irobot packaged blue led bought on aliexpress that works ok but i cant update your firmware on an xp x64 laptop. what happens? not original or what?

  53. M.Hekal 说道:

    Dear all i bought an Apad and facing some problems, I don’t know what batch all I know that it has front camera, version 1.6, AC 9 volt, no USB2 but Ethernet/USB adaptor, Memory 256, Kernel version 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty, and Build# 1.9

    I’m very confused and I need to ROOT this Apad in order to Arabiz it (make it Arabic enabled) and my Apad is not reading my WIFI hotspot mobile which I discovered that Apad factory firmware is not supporting Ad-hoc so not reading my mobile phone that I use out of home in order to connect PC to internet.
    I’ve tried to connect it to PC as I saw some videos at Youtube but no response as my Apad doesn’t have USB2 only Ethernet/USB adaptor and only press on POWER button not ON/OFF switch like the model in videos. Please help me out in easy steps as I feel illiterate in technology when I read your comments, would you be patient and help me. Thanking you in advance.

  54. kriskfor 说道:

    Got an XP64 bit and it definitely doesn´ t work. What now ? – since there´s no one around with any other OS…

  55. nsasseon 说道:

    Godamnt!!! It ruined my iRobot!! is there an recovery?

  56. Rrob 说道:

    I followed instructions. the upgrade started. It crashed. My tablet is now dead. It will charge and the red light comes on and goes off when fully charged.
    I will not turn on. It will not respond to the RKandroid program.
    The log ends:

    18:25:06 506 INFO:Start check
    18:25:06 508 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
    18:25:06 521 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
    18:25:06 528 INFO:Start check
    18:25:06 531 INFO:start to erase system disk
    18:25:06 542 INFO:Writing ID_Block OK

    help would be appreciated.

    • luca 说道:

      The log ends:

      11:17:39 746 INFO:Start check
      11:17:39 746 INFO:Writing sector 00004216 ~ 00004235 …
      11:17:39 755 INFO:Writing sector 00004216 ~ 00004235 …
      11:17:39 759 INFO:Start check
      11:17:39 759 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
      11:17:39 767 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
      11:17:39 771 INFO:Start check
      11:17:39 773 INFO:start to erase system disk
      11:17:39 774 INFO:Writing ID_Block OK

    • donkey 说道:

      19:42:19 900 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 902 INFO:Writing sector 00003212 ~ 00003229 …
      19:42:19 910 INFO:Writing sector 00003212 ~ 00003229 …
      19:42:19 915 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 918 INFO:Writing No(5) ID Block£¬Pos:00004096(SEC)
      19:42:19 919 INFO:Writing sector 00004096 ~ 00004115 …
      19:42:19 926 INFO:Writing sector 00004096 ~ 00004115 …
      19:42:19 931 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 933 INFO:Writing sector 00004116 ~ 00004135 …
      19:42:19 942 INFO:Writing sector 00004116 ~ 00004135 …
      19:42:19 947 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 949 INFO:Writing sector 00004136 ~ 00004155 …
      19:42:19 957 INFO:Writing sector 00004136 ~ 00004155 …
      19:42:19 963 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 964 INFO:Writing sector 00004156 ~ 00004175 …
      19:42:19 972 INFO:Writing sector 00004156 ~ 00004175 …
      19:42:19 978 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 979 INFO:Writing sector 00004176 ~ 00004195 …
      19:42:19 988 INFO:Writing sector 00004176 ~ 00004195 …
      19:42:19 994 INFO:Start check
      19:42:19 995 INFO:Writing sector 00004196 ~ 00004215 …
      19:42:20 004 INFO:Writing sector 00004196 ~ 00004215 …
      19:42:20 010 INFO:Start check
      19:42:20 012 INFO:Writing sector 00004216 ~ 00004235 …
      19:42:20 020 INFO:Writing sector 00004216 ~ 00004235 …
      19:42:20 025 INFO:Start check
      19:42:20 027 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
      19:42:20 035 INFO:Writing sector 00004236 ~ 00004253 …
      19:42:20 040 INFO:Start check
      19:42:20 041 INFO:start to erase system disk
      19:42:20 043 INFO:Writing ID_Block OK

      Bugger! … so i now i have a $200 paper weight… perhaps the firmware update procedure should be fully tested before its released to market??

    • btafarelo 说道:

      I have the same problem. Someone know fix it?

    • Rafael 说道:

      Hi Rrob/Tafarelo,

      I had the same problem! Did you find any solution to solve this?

      Someone told me to drain battery could fix! I leaved it turned off for a many days and nothing! Next, I removed the battery, but didn’t have success again!

      Thank you,

  57. M.Hekal 说道:

    Gys this my second help request is anyone can ?? My Apad has front camera, version 1.6, AC 9 volt, no mini USB but Ethernet/USB adaptor, Memory 256, Kernel version 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty, and Build# 1.9, I failed to connect PC XP 32-bit, How can I connect and what’s the right update image for this tablet.Thanks

    • Robert 说道:

      hey i have the same tablet and i could get to update the firmware i havent find any info letting me know what model is this tablet or brand nothing if you find let me know thank

  58. power 说道:

    where is the driver?

  59. power 说道:

    please help i cannot find the driver in this post

  60. power 说道:

    RK NADROID manage to wait find the device. its says RKANDROID MSC device found. BUt when i click restore or update error shows “ROCK USB failed, please re plug device”

    please help

    • anonydata 说道:

      power — I am seeing the same thing (note: I had to use the USB port need the microSD slot).

      Do you have any update? I am having an issue with the device (keyboard not fully english) and want to update in the hopes that I will get improved functionality.

      Anyone able to ‘flash’ the device from linux? I really do not like using windoze(ws).


    • gw 说道:

      I have the same problem, on windows, and now the device won’t switch on, be recognised by the PC or anything. It’s now acting as a paper-weight. Very disappointing

  61. inexi 说道: большой выбор планшетов

  62. Justin Carbonaro 说道:

    i cnat connect my apad with the pc to make the update…

  63. Jassim 说道:

    Do you have a firmware update for StyleFlying TCC8902, where and how can I get the firmware update, please help, thanks and regards.

  64. x-zer0 说道:

    hello can i update from sd my usb is not working

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  66. sotogirl 说道:

    I bought and Apad-MID IRobot from China and its wonderful the only thing is that It doesnt have and PDF reader or any Flashplayer. I need to upgrade it or put on in. If anyone canhelp me with this–please email me at”
    If there is any solution to this problem please let me know. Can I put one on it Is there a flashplayer that can support it. ASAP

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  69. One minor issue is the distance it can cover – but, when you think it is only used on the farm, it has not been pushed too far over distance.

  70. Oleg 说道:

    I tried to put an update 0530 on APAD iRobot batch 2 device.
    device was defined as: RK Android MSC (in your program RK Android DM v1.2)
    Program wrote: “Switching to RKAndroid Loader Device”
    After 3 hours of loading did not change.
    I disabled the upgrade, but now the device does not boot, it hangs at the stage when the lights in screen inscription “Android” .
    Tell me, what can I do now? The device stopped working.
    I would be grateful for the help.