We realized that for some of our users, this may be the first time some of you have used a device running an Android operating system. We are working on a video series “How to Use my Apad iRobot” to help you learn about some of the software applications of Android. We hope this helps!

Series – 1 Viewing PDF Files


国内有很多玩家可能是第一次接触Android安卓系统的设备,有些基础的应用可能还都不了解,因此HiApad团队特意制作一套”How to Use my Apad iRobot”视频专辑,帮助了解Android系统应用,希望你们能喜欢!

专辑第一集 怎样看PDF?

The Apad iRobot can be used as a handy ebook reader, particularly for viewing PDF files. In this demonstration, we show you how to use Documents to Go. Registration of the application is required to unlock PDF viewing functionality and many other powerful features ($14.99 USD via Android market). There are other excellent alternatives such as BeamReader ($4USD) and RepliGo Reader ($4 USD).

We open two PDF ebooks in this video: one around 300 pages long, and the other around 100 pages. You can zoom in and out of the document, bookmark, annotate, and skip pages. You will see that the viewing experience is acceptable.

If you deem the experience to be a little too slow for your liking, you can convert PDFs to a more Android-friendly format such as the popular EPUB ebook format, by using the combination of the ebook mangement software Calibre and an ebook viewing software for Android such as Aldiko or Wordplayer. These are currently free software packages.

有很多朋友把Apad iRobot买回去当电子书用,希望看自己搜集的扫描版PDF,视频中,使用了Documents to Go 软件(为了方便用家试用这款软件,我们放置了APK在我们随机赠送的TF卡的 APK文件夹。如你机器没有,可以注册BBS,在软件区下载来试用)。

视频演示了两本扫描的电子书 一本300多页的 一本100多页的。可以随意放大缩小,备注,跳转页面,收藏浏览位置。显示浏览速度可以接受,毕竟这种扫描的电子书要一页一页翻开看。


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    Hi, where can I get one of these?? TAOBAO ?

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      If you are located in China, you can try our Taobao. Otherwise, you can either look for a reliable online store. If you are not located in China, I’d recommend that you had to Slatedroid.com’s dedicated forum to find some reliable sources. If you want to do wholesales, email us and follow the links in our sidebar.

      (edit: Slatedroid.com is down. We recommend that you read the comments in this page to help with your decision)

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