These videos were made for users who asked us how to clean the screen if dust particles get trapped underneath it.

要先慢慢解開面板一側 屏幕连接器断线 是有双面胶带在内面粘着黑框的,可以使用一张硬卡来插入之间的空隙。撬走的塑料黑框,之后看到螺絲就慢慢拆。 小心不要让屏幕连接器断线:
First you need to undo the front panel by gently prying the front black frame off working from one of the edges. The frame held to the main body with some tape, so you have to be careful here. You can use a hard card to get in between the bezel and the hard plastic underneath it. You will find the screw holes as you lift the edges up. Be careful not to peel up to the actual screen surface!:


Take apart the Apad iRobot (part 1/2):

After removing the screen, you can safely wipe the dust off (part 2/2):


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  1. JJ 说道:

    Interesting. Problem is the video does not show how to get to the screws to get the screen off in the first place.

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      Should we? We just showed the parts that may have been tricky. We don’t exactly want just anybody opening up their Apad iRobots.

  2. JJ 说道:

    Well why would you show how to clean the back of the screen if you are not going to show how to get it off in the first place? Cleaning it is the easy bit!

    • chip3c_english 说道:

      We did show how to detach the screen from the mainboard, but we didn’t show how to get at the screws. We’ll consider a followup if it’s requested enough, but for now this will have to do.

  3. JJ 说道:

    My mistake, I didn’t mean the screen I meant the faceplate. Without knowing how to get it apart without breaking it, any instruction on cleaning it just does not seem to be very useful. However any videos and instruction you provide are very much welcomed regardless.

  4. Luv the Apad 说道:

    It would be nice to have a video of how to get the black front of the screen of the apad. In these video’s it is allready off. I have dust stuck under my screen as well, but the black front of the touch screen will not come off…

  5. Luv the Apad 说道:

    This video is useless. How can we get the black touch screen off! We do not care how it looks inside, we want to know how to take it apart so we can actually clean it. Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

  6. JJ 说道:

    Thank you for the photos. That is what we were asking for. To confirm though, the way to get the apad apart is by removing the glued down front panel to access the case screws? Regardless how careful you are I doubt most people will manage to do this without ruining it.

    • Luv the Apad 说道:

      Ok we have tried to open it very carefully, but are sure it will break. Somehow the black touch screen is glued. To bad that it is even possible to get dust under the screen. Seems like there is a lot to improve at the assembly of the Apad. I am dissapointed.

    • chip3c 说道:

      What is making it difficult to remove is not glue, but double-sided tape.

      We ask that you be careful if you have to take the unit apart, especially around the electrical connectors.

    • Luv the Apad 说道:

      It will damage, we tried it very carefully but the touch screen will bend. Indeed heat can be applied, but then putting it together will make it look very ugly.

  7. Luv the Apad 说道:

    Ok indeed we to break off the black screen as it seems. nice…this comes with warranty yes? :-)

  8. xaueious 说道:

    Damn this looks hard. Hopefully I wont need to do this :P

  9. xaueious 说道:

    There’s a thread on slatedroid about how to take the Apad apart in the technical discussion section. There’s more details there.

    Applying heat is supposed to help as well.

    • JJ 说道:

      Yes but it’s still not going to leave you with it looking too good. I was hoping there may be another way but by the looks there is not.

  10. Toni Petrovski 说道:

    Nice chat you have here..I was more practical then you instead of chat..I BROKE MY TOUCH PANEL..nice and clean.
    I have it for 9mdays only..however I mail to Mr Li Xin to buy one panel from him..NO REPLY OF COURSE. Then I send mail to
    chip3c for additional reply of course.. It is not correct to use this forum begging for help but no other option..

    Mr.. chip3c if you reed this would you please give me some guidance where and how to buy Apad iRobot (Plastic) Touch Panel

    I will appreciate if you pass this mail to your partner maybe he will have mercy and reply…

    Many thanks, Toni Petrovski MACEDONIA

  11. Gabriel Apostolakis 说道:

    hello from Greece !!
    Please can you give me a link to order a new touch panel for my apad because i bend it too much so the digitizer panel (glass) broke after that the display does not respond to any touch .
    My regards thanks for your help.

  12. Gary 说道:


    I got my Heropad today. However, while booting (after the android logo and Linux penguin), a black screen with touchscreen calibration comes. I tap around the cross but nothing happens! Can you please advise me how to resolve this? Is this a h/w issue?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Juan 说道:


      I have the same problem; if you happen to get any help, please send me a copy or let me know…..