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  1. Anton 说道:

    I think that dual side pcb photo may be much more interesting.

  2. GowithHIM 说道:

    Do you have a shipping date?

  3. Siyalrach 说道:

    When can we order the device :D .. Would like one before christmas :)

  4. sky 说道:

    when can i buy this product?

  5. sky 说道:

    we want buy it in samll sample order-about 20pcs,please contact with us:skylovej@126.com if it is available..

  6. Maria 说道:

    I would like to know where this product HI802 can be purchased in samples or small quantities.

  7. MrTech 说道:

    Can this stick output real 1080p? Not up-scaled 720p like other sticks. Can it support portrait orientation using orientation switcher apps? The version of Android that comes with MK802 and UG802 cannot do either.

    I sent an email to your sales team today, please contact me.

  8. Jose Miguel 说道:

    Do you have a shipping date?

  9. Mike 说道:

    Hello, when can I purchase this stick?

  10. felixtao 说道:


  11. Harley 说道:

    Does XBMC support hardware accelerated video decoding on Freescale i.MX6 SoC devices yet?

    Maybe you should sponsor Team-XBMC with a bunch of Hi802 so that they can add support?

  12. Eldor P. 说道:


    When you want to update the hi-802 to jelly bean 4.2

    Eldor P.