There  are some photo about  HI-802 with volume production

Because freescale  has no on time delivery, we are  waiting for  the CPU.  The replenishment cycle time of i.mx6Q is  35 days,   we  did order in september,they promised to ship the goods arrived shenzhen before  30th Oct.

everything  is ok, just waiting for CPU, there is some photo, pls  waiting for  a moment.

Dear customer ,if you  order  more  freesacle CPU , the  cycle  time is  35 days at least.

there are  2000pcs  PCB


this  is  our SMT production lines

we are  producing  HI-802  PCBA


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  1. dimitri p 说道:

    So, as i understand from the article, we can order hi802 without cpu?
    am i wrong?
    As freescale needs 35 days to deliver and you have only 2000 pcb’s, next delivery will be after chrismas time?


  2. 匿名 说道:

    [...] HI-802/GK802 要難產延後時,HiaPad 今天更新 Blog 公佈了生產線照片,表示目前正在等待 CPU 部分到貨,先期生產量為 2000 [...]

  3. felixtao 说道:


  4. jprida 说道:

    Hi have order one one month ago… i hope start to distribute soon.

  5. Harley 说道:

    Does XBMC support hardware accelerated video decoding on Freescale i.MX6 SoC devices yet?

    Maybe you should sponsor Team-XBMC with a bunch of Hi802 so that they can add support?

  6. xose 说道:

    Support Hi802 DLNA ?

  7. [...] many delays allegedly due to Freescale i.MX6 CPU delivery issues, Hiapad HI-802 mini PC appears to be now available for purchase on Aliexpress for $99 including [...]