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  1. uni wourld 说道:

    please reply need 800 order

  2. zman 说道:

    I thought sample order buy button was suppose to be back on 11/4. Can you tell me how to get 1 or 2 samples now? or when can I get it?

  3. Andrew 说道:

    Aren’t these supposed to be available now? I can’t find any to purchase. They need to have a female HDMI connector though!

  4. mini.pc.pl 说道:

    [...] w nowych urządzeniach był RK3066 – dwurdzeniowy procesor o taktowaniu 1,2 do 1,6MHz. Hi802, i.MX6 Quad HDMI Stick, będzie posiadać 4-rdzeniowy procesor, 1GB pamięci ram, 8GB pamięci wewnętrznej którą można [...]

  5. ESiddiqui 说道:

    Is there a way to order 1 or 2 samples from Canada ?

  6. Dominik Bauer 说道:


    The mini PC is a very nice product. I like it. Is there a possibility to update to android 4.2.2?

    Best Regards,

    Dominik Bauer