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  1. Simon 说道:

    Awesome, where can I get a sample?

  2. Jerry 说道:


  3. [...] su Web no detallan características de este modelo de cuatro núcleos, solo podemos ver unas fotografías [...]

  4. Pablo 说道:

    Does it has Bluetooth included?
    Is there a way to get a sample? If not, when will it be on sale?

  5. Dmitriy Beykun 说道:

    Is UART wired to testpoints on this one? I see a bunch of them near USB port.

    I want to get one of these to see what i.MX6q can do with native linux and I need UART for debugging.

    Best Regards, Dmitriy Beykun

  6. [...] picture of the PCB (one side only) has been uploaded by Hiapad. Haipad HI-802 PCB (Click to [...]

  7. [...] one of the first Android TV dongle’s with a quad-core processor starting in November. The Hiapad Hi-802 features a Freescale i.MX6 quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 chip and 1GB of [...]

  8. 匿名 说道:

    [...] HI-802 TV Dangle mini PC i.mx6Q Quad Core – HiAPad http://www.hiapad.com/?p=1939 [...]

  9. sola 说道:

    Will this have Linux (Ubuntu) support or comes only with Android?

    This stick would be ideal for a Linux thin-client desktop or a Linux home-server.

    I don’t buy Allwinner A10 sticks because they are underpowered, and I don’t buy RK3066 ones because they are not capable of running Linux.

    Now this one looks pretty decent and Freescale+Vivante has very good Linux support.

    If this stick comes with an unlocked bootloader and someone fixes-up an Ubuntu image for it, I will certainly buy a couple of them.

  10. 匿名 说道:

    [...] νέο Hiapad Hi-802 που έχει ανακοινωθεί αυτή την εβδομάδα από την [...]

  11. Petri 说道:

    Nice to see quadcore finally on a hdmi stick.
    Any chance to do a hands-on review of this unit for Androidistica blog ?

  12. JZ 说道:

    Are there any plans to make one with 2G Ram?

    • admin 说道:

      if you need 2000pcs and bigger (maybe add 25mm length ), we can develop

  13. [...] http://www.hiapad.com/?p=1939 Tags: Freescale, Hiapad Hi802, i.MX6, Quad-coreFiled in Android TV with 0 Comments « [...]

  14. Jakob Sloth Nielsen 说道:

    Hi, will it be possible to use Freescale MfgTool to flash new software into the HI802?

  15. Hank 说道:


  16. Victor 说道:

    Do you have plans to put Jelly Bean onto this? If so, when?

    I hate ICS, it negates any speed improvement the quad core would provide.

  17. Frank 说道:

    Nifty little device! Which resolutions are available? “Just” FullHD or something smaller as well. My TV has some quirky 1366x??? resolution so I am not sure if this would work… Thanks a lot for clarifying this!

  18. stephen saliba 说道:

    We would be interested in marketing the FINAL/RETAIL version of this product. Can you pelase advise
    WHEN it will be commercially available?
    IF it works on any TV – more specifically here in Malta we need PAL I
    WHat is the heat tolerance for such a small unit
    CAN we have DETAILED TECHNICAL specifications?
    What o/s will this have?
    THANK YOU – Stephen Saliba

  19. Zack Evans 说道:

    Hello Hiapad

    Please advise if I can place an order before the release date. I understand that the release date is around the 2nd of November.

    Also ask chip3c to check his mail. I would like to enquire more about the HI-802

    Best Regards
    Zack Evans

  20. Konstantin 说道:

    Could you tell which USB cables are included in the delivery?

    Micro USB to USB Mother? USB Hub?

    What accessories do you recommend which are not included?

    Thank you?

  21. GTX 说道:


    • chip3c 说道:


  22. a stefanov 说道:

    Hi Guys- I would like to order one of these, is it $89 US or HK? How do I order through paypal?



  23. Bart 说道:

    Looks great, we need it. I hope the video out is full hd and working, and that the wifi is acceptable in distance and not slow.
    We need maybe a few of these things in the future and what we have tested now from other companies did show some errors in hardware and software.
    I have high hopes for this one. Will order a test model when your ready 2 nov.

  24. Jon 说道:

    When will general people not trade buyers be able to buy this?

  25. Yasir 说道:

    Can you provide more detailed on following:

    - Android 4.1.2 Availability.
    - 3D Playback.
    - Wireless Performance.
    - Full 1080p output.
    - Full hardware decoding on 1080p, in Media player + Youtube.
    - Bob’s Custom firmware with better tweaks.
    - Audio Video Sync performance.
    - Google Play.
    - XBMC Hadware Video/Audio Decoding.

    -HDMI 1.4 output of all frame packing signals
    -Side by side output
    - over under output
    - checkerboard output
    - anaglyph output (red / blue)
    - MVC (multiview video coding) playback support

  26. sim 说道:

    have power button??

  27. Marlene Bardi 说道:

    Can you please let me know when this will be available for purchase in the US?

    Thank You,

    Marlene Bardi

  28. kevin 说道:

    Release date please.

  29. yakub 说道:

    when we can purchase this?

  30. Hong Jun Chung 说道:

    Can I purchase this now? How?

  31. required_name 说道:

    armdevices.net says that device can be ordered after november 9th, so i tired of promises and ordered my first PC – this will be MK802 based dOngle, maybe later i’ll order this one, if it will have greater support

  32. Miguel 说道:

    It is available to order? Or we date?

    You can buy three units? or just 500?

  33. don 说道:

    Hello. Very keen to buy one unit. Shipped to Australia, please advise.

    Thank you.

  34. kevin 说道:

    Armdevices now shows that they are pushing the release date to Nov 17.

  35. Koji Watanabe 说道:


    PLS. tell me that where can I buy the Stick PC?

  36. name 说道:

    @Koji Watanabe, dealextreme for example, i’ve ordered there

  37. Spencer 说道:

    does this device on sale now?

  38. ARXD 说道:

    WHEN and WHERE can I buy it!? it is Nov 17 already….

  39. yakub 说道:

    hey HIAPAD what the job are u doing, here is dozen questions to u and u are not answering!!! just make the right job, don`t leave yr customers!!! or customers will leave U !

  40. 天安門 说道:


  41. Laurens Vampritt 说道:

    Hiya I am from Indonesia… :) long way to china :)

    Just been to their company location near the Shz University Train stations.. saw the demo and its amazed me… wow.. quadcore … wanted to buy but there are no more new stuffs, only demo model… So I grabbed them.

    Video running on High bitrate MKV and real media will not play properly (no sound).. So I got their engineer to downloaded BSPlayer Free and it play smoothly. amazingly it even worked in software mode fluidly.. But i got them to download the ARM 7 patch for hardware playback to conserve CPU power.

    Before plugging it out, the stick (the one i got is black), is barely warm… wow…

    Impressed :D

  42. Adam 说道:

    what is going ON with this stick. SO MANY DELAYS…just answer everyone and tell us when/if it’s coming out. Are there that many problems with it?

  43. yo 说道:

    dupa i tyle

  44. Андрей 说道:

    Hello! would like to buy a hi-802 hiapad tv how do I do it? Thanks for the insight

  45. Mike 说道:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    From where can by this device
    HiAPad HI-802 Freescale i.mx6Q Quad core TV Dangle miniPC

    I saw later on I can buy via Paypal but Now I can not see it. Could you please e-mail me the link so I can buy the device

    Thank you

  46. HARI KISHAN 说道: