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  1. teeta0712 说道:

    Where can I download F10 4.1 firmware?

    • chip3c 说道:

      because freescale ,we cant open to public use before 15th oct,pls waiting a month ,thanks!

    • elaborates 说道:

      Will F10 4.1 firmware solve battery-related problems?
      (Can’t show exact battery remainings /can’t charge to 100% ,etc…)

    • chip3c 说道:

      we will post new firmware android 4.0 next week. we have already solved (can’t charge to 100% )

    • elaborates 说道:

      please fix all battery-related problems and compatibility issues on  Gameloft products in THIS RELEASE!

    • chip3c 说道:

      hi we have fix some gameloft game pls download the new firmware, continue optimization

  2. andropos 说道:

    chip3c @ Did you mean to say October 15th?

    The 4.0.4 firmware link is not shared.

  3. Simon 说道:

    Its the 15th Oct and where is the 4.1 update?

  4. Florin 说道:

    yep wainting for jelly bean update

    • Cpoc 说道:

      I am ready to buy but need one question answered. I do not mind paying more money for your device compared to other Chinese manufactures however with the extra cost I NEED SUPPORT from the manufacture via firmware updates.

      Since this device has a very powerful cpu and is capable of supporting current android and future android updates.

      Will your company provide firmware updates for Android version 4.1 which has already been released and FUTURE Android updates like Android 4.2.

      I will not buy until I get a response

      Thank You

    • chip3c 说道:

      thank you :-)

  5. Jakob Sloth Nielsen 说道:

    Hi. I would like to request the GPL sources for this firmware.

    Kind Regads Jakob Sloth Nielsen

    • chip3c 说道:

      thank you! we will contact you! and we will give you our t-shirt and develop software

  6. Max 说道:

    Where is Jelly Bean update as promised??

  7. Update 说道:

    Where is the upgrade.

    Its eatting battery now and a lot of apps have compatible issue.

  8. WERE is update? 说道:

    WERE is update?
    Haw many time we will waiting?
    1 day, 3 day, week, mounth, 22 december, year, never?

  9. WERE is update? 说道:

    what are you doing for update this tablet?)

  10. [...] charge to 100%" problem. but it is 4.0.4 update,not JB(lol) if you want more information,GO F10 HiAPad Freescale i.mx6Q Firmware Download 4.0.4 : HiAPad Reply With Quote [...]

  11. Ben 说道:


    Will firmware fix problem with wi-fi? Wifi drops many times even with strong signal and router.

  12. E.Kaycie 说道:

    I tried your 20121024(V1.58) firmware,but I only have disapointment of this…

    Not rooted (I tried both boot.img but I couldn’t have root)
    Eating battery a lot & can’t charge battery to 100%
    App compatibility problems (especially on games,Asphalt 6/7,Need For Speed Series,Riptide GP etc… Still I can’t play them )

    please fix problems ASAP…I want to use F10 as my daily driver…
    and I’m still waiting JB…

    • Pablo 说道:

      Last ROM 1.58 seems to be to have root but it os not, may you clarify?

  13. abi99 说道:

    Never mind of JB, or what ever. I urgently need a tablet with a longer battery life and without compatibility problem.

  14. Pablo 说道:

    Last ROM 1.58 seems to be to have root but it os not, may you clarify?

    Best regards

  15. Thomas 说道:

    Where can I download your current kernel source?

  16. kremi 说道:

    Are You planning to add support for NTFS for files larger than 2GB ?

  17. romain 说道:


    “ok we will publish a android 4.1 next week , before 18th Nov, but there is no-optimal”.
    i’m still waiting. is it november 2013

    • mickaaa 说道:

      I have been waiting for the 4.1 update. But since there is a dead silence on this site I think we will never have it.

      So I have a really good tablet which is almost like a MID tablet thanks to the buggy software.

  18. Ben 说道:


    Any word on newer and more stable firmware? Battery life is very very bad, cell standby should be removed as it is a big source of battery drainage. Also at times device does not boot after recharging…power button sometimes not responsive and multiple attempts needed to boot. NOT GOOD. Wi-Fi is terrible. It constantly drops in the middle of surfing. If web page link is selected it seems that wi-fi cuts in and out in the middle of transmitting data. WHY?? Bad. Please fix.

  19. heessie 说道:

    Those problems are not new to me. I own the ampe a10 quadcore (hiapad f10 re-brand) Power management sucks bigtime!!!!!! Even on the freescale site they’re talking about the integrated PMU like it’s the best thing ever. Whell it isn’t. Until now its the biggest piece of crap i have ever owned.Specs are great………….. if it only worked. FIX THE DARN POWER MANAGEMENT AND GIVE US SOME REAL RESPONSE ABOUT JELYBEAN!!!!!

  20. heessie 说道:

    And HDMI doesn’t work either!!

  21. Karl 说道:

    When will a decent firmware be introduced for this tablet… Specifically sort out battery life, remove mobile standby and all other mobile related bits (it’s a tablet after all), sort out proper google play access, add airplane mode to menu and LOTS of other bits.
    Great hardware. You’ve just done an absolutely rubbish job with the software!