We Designed mainboard with ARM™  Freescale™ i.mx  Processor.

The lastest  is  i.mx6 Quad_core Processor

also  i.mx535  mainboard like  the photo  :

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  1. Affaf 说道:

    I would like to know more about the imx6 quad core board. Is this board available for purchasing? Can I also run Ubuntu linux on this board.

  2. Guenter Pranzas 说道:

    I have the same question, and like to get:
    - technical data
    - price
    - shipment to germany


  3. Zbig Wittmann 说道:


    Basically the same questions as my predecessors :)

    Which interfaces by the imx6 SoC are implemented on the board ?
    Do you have own Linux/Ubuntu image for the board, or a Freescale/Linaro Linux run on the board.

    Is it possible to buy the HiAPad i.mx6Q Freescale Tablet with Ubuntu, or install an Ubuntu on it (if so – how and what image)

    Regards from Görlitz


  4. daniel 说道:


    we will like to quote the board alone and also the tablet.


  5. Cpoc 说道:

    Hello chip3c can you send me all the info as well. I want it shipped to Canada.

    Will you provide the Linux sources as well. this board looks really nice to run
    Android and Linux.

    Send me all info please.

  6. Luca 说道:

    can you quote me the board+shipping to Italy? Can I also have full spec and linux compatibility info? Thanks

  7. David 说道:

    HI My name is David

    Can you send me a price on 100 of the imx6 and the imx535. Do you have a ubuntu image and can you give me some data sheets.



    • chip3c 说道:

      if you need IMX535 board we can sent now we already have 500pcs just for $50 , we will sent a PI to you.

  8. Wojtek 说道:


    how much to shipp this board to poland and of course the price i want run a ubuntu and xbmc on this board .


  9. Zack Evans 说道:

    Can you please send me a price on the i.mx6 Quad_core Processor board. I would be interrested in buying.

    Also please include a bulk price and quantity breakdown

    Also ask Chip3C to check his mail regarding the HI802.

    Thank you

  10. Vladimir Kovalev 说道:

    Please, send price for i.MX6 DevBoard to me also.
    Is this board have PCIe port?
    Do you provide Android source for this board?

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Kirill 说道:

    Hello chip3c can you send me all the info as board i.MX6q
    he have sata 2 and pci interfase?

  12. Tom 说道:

    Hi, chip3c

    Please send me the price and detail information of i.mx6 qaud board. I’m really interesting to buy. Thanks!

  13. Kenan 说道:

    Hello please send me specs and price for the board.
    Best Regards.

  14. Rafal 说道:


    I also interesting this board. Please tell me how much to shipp this board(poland).

  15. Terry Yeung 说道:

    Please send the specification of this board to me and the price and shipping fee to Hong Kong. Can it be run on Ubuntu and Android?

  16. VDIAS 说道:

    Need some info on this board…

    - Shipping to Spain?
    - Price?
    - Actual stock availability?


  17. rigs yu 说道:

    Hi there,

    I would like to know if this board supports the USB-to-RS232 adapter?
    Can we add our own driver?
    Can we remove some software we don’t need?
    Can we modify the boot steps so that it boots into our own app directly without showing the splash screen and desktop?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. rigs yu 说道:

    Hey chip3c,

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that we would like it to run under Android.

    So it includes the tool chain to customize the Android system?

    And how do we place an order?

    Best Regards,

  19. milos 说道:

    I would like to know more about i.mx6 and i.mx535 mainboard.
    – hw specification
    – shiping to Slovakia
    Pleas send me email.


  20. Sekar S 说道:


    Pl send me spec and price for one sample.

  21. DanyLee 说道:

    請問妳們的板子有沒有 sata 接口 ?Ubuntu Rom ?

  22. Igor 说道:

    Can I buy i.mx6Q mainboard?
    How much is available and whether or not payment to Russia?
    Thank you.

  23. Anton 说道:

    Can I buy i.mx6Q mainboard?
    Please send to me hw specification and price for 1-10pc


  24. Jasbir 说道:


    I’m interested in a custom board design for imx6Q, can you provide service?