The firmware (01.06 as of this blog post) has been made available for some time now at padbbs

It has also been mirrored here. The files must be moved to the internal SD card root directory (md5 and img files).

Connect the device to the computer via USB.

Make sure you mount the device as a USB storage device for it to be visible to your computer. You do not need to install drivers on a typical Windows PC to perform this operation.

Then you need to turn the device off.

While holding the menu AND home butons,  turn on the device. This puts you into recovery mode.

First choose to ‘update ramdisk’. Then ‘update system’.

It is recommended that you choose ‘wipe data/factory reset’ as well, but you will lose your settings and data on the device. This is not always necessary.

When this is all done, choose to ‘reboot system now’.




Reboot the device:

Android Market on 12.18 firmware:


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20 Responses so far.

  1. thorpe 说道:

    Do you have this firmware unrooted? My apad 8 does not allow wifi connections when rooted, untill now didn’t really matter to me because I dont need to have root. Now that Im forced to root with this firmware, need to unroot it to get wifi back.

  2. Roger Thorpe 说道:

    Finally got it figured out. For some strange reason, the firmware when in root, requires you to go into Dev Tools, then pick connectivity, and click enable wireless. Once you do that, then wireless works normal, then you can turn it on using the normal procedure in settings.
    Hope this helps future users.

  3. showkuy 说道:

    are you have thai language for this version sir.

  4. Majid 说道:

    hi everyone … i have lost my touch ability and i cant select the options of recovery menu .. how i can update my firmware through the Console or command line of android ?

    • qinligeng 说道:

      use “home” key and “menu” key to select items, “back” key to confirm.

  5. Maelo 说道:

    After the firmware upgrade my tablet always shows the airplane mode enabled, even when in the setting is not enabled. Do you know how can I solve this issue? I would like to connect an USB modem but it does not work, and maybe it could be because of it is in airplane mode

  6. ksporry 说道:

    I’m afraid mine cannot get into recovery mode. Is there another way to force the unit to install this firmware update?

  7. rachael 说道:

    hello i cant get into recovery mode as the only botton on my m002 is the menu button bottom centre of my tablet also its the 1 with blue light any help please ??

  8. ksporry 说道:

    I still cannot use recovery mode, can you please provide a method to install new firmware without using recovery mode?

  9. Lonebod 说道:

    How can I tell if this ROM update has been applied correctly?

    • Lonebod 说道:

      Doesn’t look like this ROM has applied to my device, and now I’ve lost access to the internal SD card.

    • jorge 说道:

      I have the same problem. Can not access the SD internal card.
      The tablet stalls at the very beginning.
      Have I lost all the chances to make it to work again?
      thank you very much

  10. wildtouch 说道:

    I applied it successfully, but, I can’t add a wireless network. When I turn wifi on it scans but not long enough for me to add my home network. Looks like I am going to have to do this the long was an manually modify the wpa_supplicant.conf file. yay.

  11. Arnie 说道:

    Why does my on-screen-keyboard suddenly take up 70% of my screen when typing? And why do I have chineese letters on some of my icons?

    This happened with the new firmware.

  12. technomarine apnea 说道:

    I am having a weird problem I cannot seem to be able to subscribe to your RSS feed, I am using google reader Fyi.

  13. KJarvis 说道:

    I’ve downloaded the update to my pad and followed the directions above. When I rebooted the screen came up upside down when holding the pad in landscape mode. It works fine in portrait view (button on the bottom). How do I fix this problem?

  14. Thumbprint Cookie 说道:

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