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  1. Luis Morais 说道:


    My name is Luis Morais of Portugal.
    You can sell / Send to Portugal?

    I await response…

  2. wallaceram 说道:


    You know when it will be ready?
    You send to Spain?

    thanks a lot.

  3. John 说道:

    Will it support a USB to Ethernet adapter?
    Thank you

  4. UGEEU 说道:

    When is this product going on for sale?

  5. Giampaolo 说道:

    I can buy the Hiapad HI802 ? Is working with Android 4.x ?

    Best regard

  6. Jason 说道:

    when can i buy? link not available

  7. daniel jorge 说道:

    PayPal Link is not available for purchase.

    Thank you

  8. AccordXTC 说道:

    Whats the deal with these, there’s been no update on a release date, date to buy them or anything. Is this coming out????

  9. Sohip 说道:

    if u wanna get it in quantities like 10 or more go search alibaba for the k802 but be warned the Android software on it still in beta so expect a lot of bugs! I think that’s why they are not offering it for sale yet…

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