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  1. killerkink 说道:

    is there a 7″ imx6 tablet? is the source for the tablet available?

    • chip3c 说道:

      no ,just 9.7inch 10.1inch .but the screen resolution
      2048*1536,1280*800.also i.mx6 quad hdmi dangle,for bigger screen 21inch,60inch .:-)

  2. Simon 说道:


    Im interested in buying the Haipad F10 :D

  3. killerkink 说道:

    are the source available for making custom rom?

  4. papaj 说道:

    When finally released the long promised Android 4.1 Firmware, fix bug with?

    Much promise and not do anything, then I’ll have to send my tablet back to dealer.

    Thats the last time I buy a tablet of you, I promise

  5. Michael 说道:

    Could you deliver the device with already preinstalled an Ubuntu 12.04 image?

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